My computer is broken! Please send help

So every time I start my computer it says reboot and select proper boot device and so then I inserted my windows disk and Windows wants to install itself because my computer isnt picking up my operating system. I really don’t want to reformat it but I’d hate to take it to a shop and pay $60 just for them to tell me that that’s the only way I’ll be to fix it. So is my problem fixable or will I have to start over?

My birthday is on Monday!!!

Sharp Skirt

  • 100% Mesh
  • 1 Channel
  • Has Morphs


simmingly-simful: hey boo. love you. bye boo. (looks around awkwardly because you don't even know me)

No wait! Come Back!

Anonymous: Why arent your clothes in PACKAGE format?

All my clothes come packaged in package and sims3pack format. Please check properly before issuing a complaint :)


Moment For Life

shmoopiesims love the jacket !


Forgot to rename her properly when I saved her last, so since I had some new CC to install thought I might as well take a snap or two while trying them out.

She’ll be heading over to Praaven, eventually.

Anonymous: ARe you going to post the rest of the meshes fully textured?

Yep, I’m trying to do one a day if possible

Quilted Bomber Jacket(accessory)

  • 100% Mesh
  • 3 Channels
  • Has Morphs


*Has a slight cliiping issue under the arms but when I went to look at other meshes similar to this they all seem to do this so it looks unfixable*

Re-Created My favorite little baggy :)

Anonymous: *hugs the screen* You're beautifull lady, yes you are, you are *hug intensifies*

Awh thanks love bucket :)

SelfieSunday :)

Anonymous: Are clothes with textures like the sweat pants you made ok for people who do not have hq mod soz english is not my first language.

Yep, I believe that mesh is under 5,000 polys or a tad bit over. The only mesh that’s high poly realy is the Adair dress 

Anonymous: I'm sorry to ask but are you going to upload more meshes with morphs? XD

Yep :)

Quilted Bomber Jacket Wip ^.^

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